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February 4, 2015
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I'm new to MP and WebGrab+plus but I think I have figured it out. Just a few questions

I generated a xml listing on at "test computer" (MP not installed). And the application ran and did create a xml file.
My question is on the log file I get the following
channel AUDIENCE site -- DIRECTV.COM -- update mode incremental

no indexpage for this channel!
Cannot find any shows on the Index Page ! Is this an error?
Summary for update of AUDIENCE
no changes, no update necessary !
unchanged shows inspected 0
total after update 0

My next question is this.
I downloaded the channel list from the WebGrab+Plus web site and just copied it into the WebGrab+Plus configuration file. That has some entry's that do not apply to me. Like the following

<channel update="i" site="directv.com" site_id="A3-Parkersburg-06-ABC-Virt" xmltv_id="A3 Parkersburg 06 ABC Virt">A3 Parkersburg 06 ABC Virt</channel>
<channel update="i" site="directv.com" site_id="A3-Parkersburg-15-WTAP-NBC" xmltv_id="A3 Parkersburg 15 WTAP NBC">A3 Parkersburg 15 WTAP NBC</channel>
<channel update="i" site="directv.com" site_id="A3-Parkersburg-17-WIYE-MNT" xmltv_id="A3 Parkersburg 17 WIYE MNT">A3 Parkersburg 17 WIYE MNT</channel>
<channel update="i" site="directv.com" site_id="A3-Parkersburg-22-WOVA-FOX" xmltv_id="A3 Parkersburg 22 WOVA FOX">A3 Parkersburg 22 WOVA FOX</channel>

The channels in red are stations on the east cost I think. I'm on the west cost . Is it just a simple mater of changing the ID's to my local stations? Like site_id="ABC" xmltv_id="ABC"?

thanks for you assistance.


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February 4, 2015
United States of America United States of America
I have moved the WebGrab=plus configuration file to my MP and executed the grab.
The end of the log file looks like this

0 shows in 1086 channels
0 updated shows
0 new shows added
job finished at 3/22/2015 9:15:36 PM done in 3765 seconds

Starting MDB Postprocess .. Version: 1.5

LocalMDB file C:\ProgramData\ServerCare\WebGrab\mdb\mdb.xml not found ... created a new one ...
Selecting movie and serie candidates:
Found 0 movie - and 0 serie candidates.
0 shows are selected as both
MDB Postprocessor result :

Mdb data found for 0 out of 0 Movies-candidates
Mdb data found for 0 out of 0 Series-candidates
In 00:00:00.0360387 seconds
Finished Postprocess MDB

i'm wondering what i'm missing?

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