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August 21, 2006
hi all.
I have an odd problem. I suspect isn't anything new.
I just am not sure how to search the forum for it.
I am using MP 1.0 and the Bleazle it by the way.
but once in a while when I play a movie..not sure if it happens with a TV show..but movies for sure.
The screen resolution of course changes to display the movie..thats my theory anyway and I am sticking to it.
anyway, when the movie ends the screen returns to the previious resolution but Mediaportal has remained at the smaller form size and is sitting there in the upper left had corner. If I start a movie again the movie plays full screen and when the movie ends. MP is full screen again.

Any thoughts.

Let me know if you can.



Portal Pro
July 20, 2008
well, if you ask me, "mediaportal" doesnt rupport switching resolutions. So, the movie you are playing, will
be played in the windows default resolution. So, could it be that your are using an external player, that
switches your output resolution ? (or something like that)....

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