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November 19, 2005
Yesterday I was fiddling around with Mediaportal trying to get deinterlacing to work to my satisfaction because it seems since I upgraded to 0.2 RC1 that deinterlacing had stopped working as well. Anyways, to that end I downloaded the rad light filter manager in order to check through what filters I had, etc. Then, while I was using it, I got a BSOD, or at least it was blue, had some cryptic text, and caused my computer to spontaneously reboot (I didn't have time to read it). After that, when the computer came back up, I found that my sound drivers were "missing or corrupted" for my onboard SB Live!. So after that tedious reinstallation, I attempted to open mediaportal and see if anything there had been broken, and it was. Everything worked, except the TV would not turn on. So, I opened PowerCinema 3, which the card shipped with, and when I tried to watch TV, it crashed, saying something about clrecorder.dll. Then I tried using the directshow feature of VLC to open the card, which again did not work. Since then I have been uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and applications, codecs, and even moving the PCI card to different slots in the machine, all without avail. Now, the PC sees the card, and recognizes the drivers in device manager, but no application can access it. One time, I guess on a fluke, I opened the device manager and saw that the card had a "code 10" error: device cannot start. However, it has not manifested that error since. I'm hoping that what may have happened is that the crash in radlight filter manager screwed up one of the systems internal codecs such as, or the card's Oh, and for reference my card is an ATI theater 550 pro by MSI with driver version running on Windows Professional SP2 with an MSI neo4 Platinum SLI motherboard. If anyone has ever had or managed to resolve a similar problem, I would appreciate any advice you might have.


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    ugly problem... :?

    Hopefully you can use the Windows System Restore. Windows automatically makes backups, you might have one of a previous date!


    PS: Next time add some paragraphs to your post. Would make it much more readable. ;)


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    November 19, 2005
    Yeah, it's nasty, especially since I don't have Windows restore on....

    However, now there's another thing which I didn't notice before: in network connections there's a new connection called "Microsoft TV/Video Connection" which I can't disable or uninstall.

    [p]Does this show up on anyone else's machine, or could the conflict between being a network adapter and a tuner be causing the problem (especially since it is two different drivers for the same device)?


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