What is the best way to handle both 1080p and 4K on a PC with Mediaportal? (1 Viewer)


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July 7, 2008
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I use MP1 for a very long time. My computer runs on Windows 7 and my question today is related to the Video part and 4K handling.
I have a lot of series and films in resolutions from 720p to 1080p.
My PC is doing a 1080p upscale of the 720p contents using ffdshow RAW before sending the video to a 1080p TV.
Everything is working great but now, I changed my TV for 4K one :(

Currently I continue to use MP to send 1080p to my 4K TV that is doing a great job with the upscaling,
I have a few films in 4K on a separate external USB drive that I can connect directly to the TV and it's working fine too.

I want to use MP for 4K content too (in order to continue to have all my videos centralized) but I would like that:
1. my PC continue to upscale videos with resolutions < 1080p to 1080p. Then TV does the job to upscale in 4K.
2. my PC send "untouched" 4K videos to my TV.

Note that my PC graphic card is not able to handle 4k and I want my TV to handle the 4K upscaling anyway, because I find it really good on 1080p sources.

Currently, if I have 4K contents in my MP library and I play them, the video that receives the TV is 1080p, not 2160p! So the TV upscale it to 2160p anyway.

How could I do this? Am I missing something?

Is upgrading my PC to handle 4K the solution? But in that case it will be the PC that handle the 4K upscale and not the TV any more and I don't want this.
Or maybe, in that case, we can have a system that change automatically the resolution of the screen to 1080p for contents <= 1080p and 2160p for 4K content?
Is it possible to do this? I searched but didn't find anything.

Thanks in advance for any advices.


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    I thing something like a "Dynamic Resolution Changer" would be nice for such things.
    We already have a "Dynamic Refresh Rate Changer" perhaps it is possible to have something simmilar for the screen resolution...
    @Sebastiii or @regeszter would this be possible?

    Configuration part:
    Simmilar configuration options as in DRC

    Playing Video/TV:
    Check Video/TV resolution with MediaInfo
    Change the resolution of the screen according to the rules in the configuration

    Perhaps a better solution would be to combine the resolution change and the refesh rate change...

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