What is the best way to handle multiple episodes when you only have 1 file? (1 Viewer)


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  • August 31, 2010
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    Hey there everyone,

    So I want to add a special for Archer (2009) called the Heart of Archness. The file I have is 1 .mkv that is of 3 different episodes. I don't have any way to split this file (nor do I want to). I want to know what is the best way to identify it so that My-TVSeries can handle it and knows that it is all three episodes.

    4 Heart of Archness: Part I 2011-09-15
    5 Heart of Archness: Part II 2011-09-22
    6 Heart of Archness: Part III 2011-09-29



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    Single File - Double Episode
    MP-TVSeries can support 2 episodes in a single file.
    More than 2 is not currently supported

    See examples below
    • Alias.1x01.1x02.avi
    • Alias S01E01-E02.avi
    • Alias S01E01 + S01E02.avi
    • Alias - s01e01 - s01e02.mkv
    • Alias #1.01 + #1.02.avi
    If you start playback on 1x01 from "Alias - S01E01-E02.avi", then both episodes will be played, the end result is both episode 1 and 2 will be marked as watched. You can still start playback on 1x02, but it will start at the beginning of the file (but this is what one would expect anyway). If you start 1x01, but stop at the halfway point where 1x02 begins, then both 1x01+02 show as unwatched and when you try to restart playback you will get the "resume from" dialog


    If you have a file that contains more than two episodes you can split the mkv file


    Have the original mkv file as part 1

    Then create symbolic links (fake files) for the reamining 2 parts

    mklink "c:\archer S00E04.mkb" "c:\archer S00E05.mkv"
    mklink /h "c:\archer S00E04.mkb" "c:\archer S00E06.mkv"

    not sure if you need the /h or not, so you need to experiment
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    And in this case, use Season 0 for specials:

    If it aired on TV, it is allowed as an entry at TheTVdB (infact they encourage it), and those 3 episodes already have an entry. Using a proper name to identify the major parts makes it easy. This is show name, season and episode, so you get:

    Archer (2009) - S00E04 - Heart of Archness; Part I [2011-09-15].mp4​

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