What tools do I need to customize media portal (1 Viewer)


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February 6, 2006
I just starting to us media portal and I want to add some customization to it. Like, delete, add or rename some of the links on the main interface. I would like to use my own external music player instead of the one built into media portal. I have some coding experience but not alot. Can anyone suggest where I can start and do I need any software to do any recoding of media portal. I've just been reading these forms for a while picking up a bits of pieces but I haven't found a really good post to get me started.


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July 5, 2005
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A lot of the things you can modify with the skin editor, you should be able to modify some of the names of things , like menu options in the xml files , with the music i don't think there is an option for external software like in the videos option however as wishy said you get right a plugin to run your music player instead. So for general layout and naming changes i would suggest the skin editor

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