when I import films by IMDB code, the movie info retrieved is non-English (1 Viewer)


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    An alternative is to use TMDb scraper, or 3rd party plugin IMDb+ which adds a bunch of additional features and is able to correct English title as well (just made it work again for non-USA users as a matter of fact)


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    Don't even think about it, just install IMDB+, it is available in the MPEI installer, and it does not add to consumed resources while your MediaPortal is running. It only works when you import new movies, and it just make sense to use it. The only reason why it is not part of Moving Pictures already, is no one can support it as well as RoChess, and it would hider his timely updates and bug fixes, since IMDB can't stop making changes to their websites (yes the English site stays the same most of the weeks, but the other language sites keep on changing urls or content).

    After installing IMDB+ you just go to the GUI under "Plugins > IMDB+" inside MediaPortal and then follow the options in the "hidden/side menu" to convert all your movie sources to IMDB+ and then Refresh all of them. (Note that the refresh will take LOOONNGG if you are on a slow internet connection <= ADSL @ 384kbps.)

    If it prompt you that "it is not first in the scraper list" just say "yes" to fix it.

    It uses the IMDB "tt" code to pull all information from IMDB, but it is intelligent enough to actually retrieve the correct language and still keep the "original title" when it is different. And you can choose more than one language to use, so it is not just english. Like for me being "Afrikaans" I don't want it to change "Agter Elke Man" to "Behind Every Man" or even "Behind Every Man (Agter Elke Man)" and so it does not.

    If you do get a title that is not handled correctly you can add your custom version in a seperate xml file so that it will use that rather than anything else it pulls out of it's hat.

    I can go on and on.... moral of the story: Just install it.

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