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  • March 17, 2012
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    I'm looking at trying to amend the tv server code to pick up Sky NZ's channel numbering as at present it can't. I've been looking through the code in the filters section and TVlibrary section but I can't seem to find where exactly the LCN data is dragged from. For the most part I can see the various arrays used to grab data from the PID table and other DVB standard data but for LCN I cannot see where the data is extracted from. Is this done via the MS MPEG filters and you simply bolt on to that, or have you developed your own code like EPGCollector that I have missed?

    Any help point me in the right direction would be awesome!

    @mm1352000 if you have the time to answer that would be useful as you know the DVB standards here in NZ far better than me.

    Thanks in advance!


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