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February 5, 2008
I just did a clean reinstall of MP and noticed that moving pictures trailer function via online videos has become very scarce on the movie front. I couldn't find most of the first titles i tried, again nothing strange a movie like Taken from 2008 couldn't be found. Went into online videos direct after an update and again the same kind of problems.
Not wanting to lose my trailer function or have it working intermittently i fancied changing over to My Films as i was under the impression you could have you tube trailers linked to that.
After messing around for about 4 hours i am tempted to bin that idea!
I tried to follow the post on using the my films import plug in for moving pictures so as not to have to input all my movies but that failed miserably. I was getting an html file and an xml file which both opened in internet window where i could see my movies but neither would import to My films or Ant movie.
Tried to be smart and open the xml with excel then save it as a csv file to import back into ANT, now that actually worked but ANT was going through every movie one by one to confirm the selection - 800+ movies i ain't sitting there all day pressing enter!
So without the fanart and movie details i exported to an xml and then loaded that into My Films and it took it - hurray!
So now i have been scouring the My Films wiki for info on downloading movie details and fanart but i can't get a clear description as to how i am supposed to do it.
Am i supposed to do this in an external programme like ANT or My Movies first and then save that to a file which i point My Films at or is there something easier less complicated that can be achieved?
Help please

I love MP but some times it's a love hate as i hate all the bum numbing searching, reinstalling, trial and error, fighting, freezing, anti wife controls, dvb/ts writer issues :mad: etc etc ( ahhh open source!)
But when that puppy is rolling smooth there isn't anything out there that comes close(y)

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