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April 1, 2013
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Very new to media center setup. Recently cut cable and setting up my own entertainment. I have several roku and ota. With the roku and ota I get everything I need. I would like to create a media center where I can record ota and watch the recorded shows on tv thru roku. Is this possible with mediaportal? Is it possible to watch live tv on an actual tv and not pc thru media portal?
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June 16, 2009
Welcome. If I understand right, you want to be able to record TV shows and have them available on your Roku. Media Portal has a PVR function which will allow you to record the shows and even watch live TV. However Media Portal will not act as a back end for Roku. You would have to have a PC connected to your TV. That is what most of us here do.
Look here for some ideas

If you want to make it available to Roku, you would have to record with Media Portal (or another PVR) and take a look at PLEX Media Server to make it available to the Roku using there Series Section.
NB. If you connect a HTPC to the TV, Media Portal offers all the options you need.

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