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  • January 16, 2011
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    After a few months I think I found the cause of the TV channels that stops/freezes when I start another stream.
    It might be the cam module that causes this issue and therefor I am looking for a CAM that can dekode more than the two channels it can do now.Cause it is hardly working.

    My setup is now that I have the Digital devices 2x DuoFlex S2 & Octopus Twin CI.
    1 duoflex is for the dutch canal digitaal with a CAM (standard cam is working perfect and can decode 4 channels)
    1 duoflex is for the norwegian canal digital with a CAM (standard cam from CD that can decode only 2 channels and doesn't work very well)
    Canal Digital Norway doesn't accept a dutch CAM :-(

    So my question is, which CAM shall I use that supports to decode 4 channels and is supported by the norwegian canal digital ?

    Thanks in advance!

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