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Testing MP2 I realize that you guys are using dokan to mount the shares.
I found that dokan fail a lot on my computers and after a bit of research I found that the dokan proyect is not maintained since a few years ago, so bugs are not being fixed and the problems I'm having with it are going to stay.... why you choose it?? do you plan to fix dokan bugs yourselfs?


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    Dokan was implemented into MP2 at a time it has been actively developed. We are already trying to reduce the dokan dependency down to a minimum and get rid of it in the end, but we don't have a replacement or an alternative for all possible MP2 use cases, yet.

    *Which reminds me that a detailed wiki page about dokan, the various use cases, their dependency to dokan and possible alternative solution would be useful.* (currently there is only http://wiki.team-mediaportal.com/2_MEDIAPORTAL_2/6_Support/FAQ/DokanNewerVersion , iirc)

    BTW: Which dokan version do you have? Did you manually updated to 0.6.0 ?? If so this is a known issue as it is much more unstable. In this case please revert back to 0.5.3.


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    If I understand correctly, dokan was needed for having every media under one folder structure with unified api for access.
    Can't this be done using the native Windows "libraries" functionality (in conjunction with mklink)?


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    It is needed to mount files that reside on a remote system as local file, so (among other things) they can be played with direct show -> and all source filters require a local file. The communcation layer between MP2 Server and Client is UPNP. And there is no directshow filter that can directly play a UPNP link.

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