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February 7, 2013
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I am building a HTPC using a Zbox AD12 and Windows 7 as the OS. I am looking for my interface to be a little different then what I have been finding. A MCE Remote came with the AD12. I have used it with Windows Media Center and XBMC. I don't know if I have to tweak something with it, but it does not play nice with those 2 programs. Half the buttons don't seem to do anything. I had wanted the remote to act as a mouse.

Here is what I want:
  1. An interface similar to XBMC where I can have basically the information for the movie/tv show.
  2. I want either a button in the program OR make a button on my remote that will start Firefox so I don't have to exit to windows to do this. I want the remote to be able to interact with firefox. I will have Firefox set to go right to Netflix.
  3. If I can't get this remote to do it, I am thinking of finding a remote what will act as a mouse and have a keyboard on it.
  4. I am hoping to also have a Youtube app (similar to what you find on Boxee). If not, I will have to use Firefox.

Can I do all this with this program?


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    1. yes MP does this with moving pictures (movies) and my tvseries (tv series) plugins
    2. it is possible to set this up, but this has nothing to do with mediaportal
    mediaportal also has a web browser app that is designed to be operated by a remote control (ie without a mouse to click on links)
    3. yes you can buy remotes that can act as a mouse and then on the other side of the remote there is a qwerty keybd
    4. MP has a youtube app called onlinevideos

    To make your existing remote behave like a mouse you have to either change the settings in the software that came with your remote or use a 3rd party program like lmremote or girder, remotekc etc. or use the windows mousekeys function
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    I have a ZBOX AD06 which probably has the same remote. You need to use IRSS for using that remote (and remember to run it as an application, not as a Service).

    MP does have some rather nice WebBrowser plugins, where you do not need a mouse, check them out.

    MP did have a Netflix Plugin as well, I am not sure if it is maintained as I am not a netflix user.

    The OnlineVideos plugin does not only provide YouTube Access, but Access to many other Video sharing sites (some on the grey area of legality as well, check your countries laws, things may be allowed in Germany where I live, which are not allowed everywhere...).

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