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October 11, 2005
An Ant Farm

I would like to know if Media Portal will be able to handle my current computer setup. You can see my detailed system configuration at: http://alpha.zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/about/computers.txt (primary computer/gaming system).

As you can see, I have two PCI TV tuners (one for HDTV and one for VCR/analog antenna/analog video cameras/whatever):
1. New Broadband Technologies Air2PC-ATSC-PCI HDTV card (r0.2; DVB)
2. Used Asus TV Tuner Card 880 NTSC (cx23880)

Do I assume I will have no problems. I was not able to find my hardwares in this Web site.

I have a couple questions about MediaPortal:
1. Is it safe to use the 0.2 RC2?
2. Does it do closed captions/subtitles (including from timeshifting and recordings)? If so, then can they be logged to a text file like ATI's MultiMedia Center (MMC) does? I am partially deaf so my hearing isn't good.

I am currently using Technisat DVB-PC/DVB Viewer Technisat Edition v4.3.2 (somewhat buggy) and PowerVCR II for these two TV tuners. I would like to see I can just use one product. They both don't have closed captions/subtitles.

Thank you in advance. :)

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