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    I first saw it on Gizmodo, and found its website. It is called "SimpleRemote" and will be made by OpenPeak.com

    In Gizmodo it states the price as #399 (USD) so it will not be for everyone.

    It looks interesting! Small blurp from gizmodo ...
    OpenPeak SimpleRemote offers you one-button turn-on of various functions such as DVD watching, TV watching and any other combination of sources. But that’s just the beginning, because this baby lets you control digital media from your home computer, too. Plug that computer into your TV, flat panel or projector, and digital data becomes just another source, all controlled from one remote. Sporting a 2.2-inch 320x240 screen on board, that’s enough pixels to check out your WiFi-based security cams directly from the remote.

    But what I thought was interesting is this from its website...

    Allows direct access to Internet services, including Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Internet radio, podcasts, RSS news feeds, and instant messaging.

    Just fyi.


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