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January 3, 2009
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I have 2 Clients - a desktop (Phenom II X4 970) and a laptop (I7 Q820); as well as a Server (I5 3550). The Phenom desktop and I5 Server run Windows8-64. The I7 laptop runs Win7-64. On both clients I installed MP 1.3.0B client, on the server MP 1.3.0B TV-Server only.
The Win7 client runs just fine against the Win8 TV-Server. The Win8 Client however could not find the server. I tried with or without specifying an entry for the server in the hosts file or entering the IP address - no difference. Ping runs just fine. Then I installed a 'one click installation' + 'watch TV' over the 'client only' installation. As a result no more errors for connecting the TV Server, and I can see the lists of available recordings on the server. However the TV Guide displays only a 'label missing' error, meaning it cannot get to the EPG. Switching TV on leaves the screen black despite it is showing the correct name of a channel. So it seems the Win8 client is missing the right directions..
Sorry the log files of the Win8 are in Dutch.

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