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October 26, 2007
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I installed the windows 10 1903 feature update a couple days ago then updated MP 1 to the 1.23 pre release.
I have 3 installations of MP, the HTPC has tv server and client, the laptop has MP client and bed room has MP client.
The htpc worked ok but the tv server was removed from the windows firewall pass through list so i added TV server.exe to the list, all the MP functions worked.

On the other two installs .the windows smart screen popped up saying windows didn't know the program so i clicked more info and then clicked to go ahead and install.
On both installs within 5 seconds of starting MP the mouse curser disappears and MP freezes. same thing if i use the keyboard. in the windows task manager in show MP and does not say it is not responding but i have to kill mp to shut MP down as the mouse or keyboard will not function in the mp window I disabled windows smartscreen and fire wall and had the same problem. I tried a MP uninstall and cleanup and did a fresh install with the same result. The MP configuration program is working correctly.

I have clones of the OS hard drives so i am back to where i was a couple months ago, but i would like to do this update and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with this update.
I think this is windows problem, maybe some new security setting or something.


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    I had the smart screen with 1.23pre also and after clicking on info. and proceeding the install (upgrade from 1.22) completed and MP worked. I am running Win 10 Pro x64 with the 1903 update and use Windows Defender AV. I did have problems with Away Mode following the update to 1903 and you need a new version of Online Vids to work with MP 1.23pre but other than that everything is working well for me.:)

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