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November 9, 2008
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So I've got MP installed on Win 7 in vista compatiblity mode. Now how do I get that darn Green Button to open MP? I installed MPtray AND MPtrayMod (rebooting after each) but nothing worked. Installed IRserversuite but got lost how to set that up so uninstalled.

On top of this when I load MP via mouse double click and then select my mkv file from my Movies folder...all I get is sound and no video.

I have divx 7, coreavc installed

Looking for help:confused:


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  • December 17, 2006
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    Hi there :)

    If you want to install IRSS again, you can configure the Translator program to start MP with the green button. Shout with the details if you need help with that.

    Maybe you can look in the SAF thread for help on your other problem.


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    February 18, 2007

    I got MP running on Win 7 and realy like it. My only Problem is that I couldn't get MPtray to work. I tried IRSS instead but "Input Service" doesn't react on startup (had the same Problem in Vista).

    Anyone got the 'Green Button' working in Win 7 ???


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    May 17, 2008
    Yes i got it working with the replacement driver for vista and the ir server suite. You have to install the replacement driver for vista and then the ir server suite. Then you have to configure the mce remote via the input services configuration. for the mce remote you have to disable the automatic buttons and after that mptray will work!

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