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June 18, 2010
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Hi, I'm having a little annoying issue and not sure if anyone can help me or not. I have my HTPC running Windows 7 connected via HDMI to my Onkyo 7.1 receiver. My HTPC remains on all the time, just my TV and Receiver gets turned off.

In Windows Sounds I can setup 7.1 channels which then puts my Onkyo in Multichannel setup. But after I shut down the receiver and turn it back on Windows reverts to 2 Channel (stereo) and my receiver runs in All Channel Stereo.

I'm assuming that this is caused because, since the HTPC does not recognize the receiver as being attached when its turned off, Windows reverts to the native 2 Channel Stereo setting.

Is there a way to force Windows into 7.1 Channel mode no matter what is connected? I've tried to disable all the other sound choices but it doesn't help any.

Thanks in advance,


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June 17, 2011
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What a coincidence i have been getting annoyed with this too, was about to put a thread up myself.
Do you have an amd card by any chance?
My playback device, configure also loses its setting from 5.1 to stereo and also where you would click configure to the right it says properties and in there under advanced tab the default format keeps reverting to 16 bit and this also stops the 5.1 output until i move it back to 24 bit.

I have an Amd AGPU 7660D which works very well except for this issue and wonder if its yet another driver issue?


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October 1, 2013
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may have found a solution from the avs forums testing and will report findings.
Any update on this? I've got the exact same issue, and it drives me crazy.

I have a 7950 outputting audio over HDMI to a Yamaha receiver. However, it often reverts from 7.1 back to stereo configuration, which drives me batty. Additionally, this seems to coincide with the name of the device changing in Windows 7 -- sometimes Windows shows the name of the Yamaha receiver, and sometimes Windows shows the name of the HDTV that the receiver outputs to.

It seems that Windows reverts back to stereo when the device name changes. I've wondered if this is because Windows technically is thinking it's a new device every time, and thus, sets them to the default stereo -- which I have to continuously set to 7.1 full-range.

Any help?

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