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Well I tried MediaPortal for the first time with a friend and he's got a Winfast TV2000 XP Deluxe and after a while here's what we managed:

- We can watch TV (provided you manually add the frequencies)
- We can listen to radio (Provided you manually add the frequencies)

I know it is an unsupported card but I have read every single thread I could find from people with the same card so I wanted some help from those who managed to get more.

When we try to record we get a black screen and only sound is heard, I understand this is normal for it being a S/W based card but when we go to recorded (After stopping recording) the recorded video cannot be played (When we try playing nothing happens and there is a small timecode under the video name which I assume is the video length which is always 00:00 or nothing bigger than 2 seconds).

We could not get Timeshift button enabled though it works fine with the provided PVR software for the card (Also if I remember right, one can record and see the video at the same time with provided software).

When we open MediaPortal radio comes on automatically and we quit, the sound of the radio (Or Tv, whatever was playing last) keeps playing on windows (Same happens when we go into configuration and click on "edit" in the TV card setup, sound comes on and doesn't go off). The only way to turn sound off is to go to My Tv turn Tv on and off.

Also a couple of channels for some reason are showing the wrong channel though they have the correct frequencies (Same ones used on provided software).

And last but not least VMR9 just won't work, when we press the button to set it on background, it says no video playing.... but no problems with DVD (Though we haven't managed to use the mouse on dvd to click on menus).

Anybody that has same card or know about it can help out with some of the issues (Like recording)?

**Edit** Forgot to say keep up the good work and added information about the card in the unsupported table. Left Chipset blank (Not sure which), and also left timeshift and recording tv empty since I heard some people got it working.

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December 3, 2005

How did you get the radio working on this card? I have manually entered some frequencies, but they don't work - I just get static


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July 2, 2005
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Even though you may have it working now, I believe MP will no longer be supporting ANY software based cards. (The latest CVS build is already reflecting this)

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