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August 28, 2005
I recently tried to setup Winlirc to change the channels on my Foxtel STB. I am running the video/audio signal from the Foxtel STB into a Hauppauge 150MCE. I am using a BDA card for Digital FTA. Using RC2 NO CVS.

When changing channels from the BDA card to the Hauppauge card (IE: Digital FTA to Foxtel STB) MP sends the proper channel change codes and Winlirc works as it should and the Foxtel STB gets changed to the correct channel. But when I am already using the Hauppauge (IE watching Foxtel) and try to change to another Foxtel Channel MP does not change the channel properly. Sometimes I might see the last number of the 3 digit channel code appear on the screen but no channel change occurs on the Foxtel STB when in this situation.

If I change back to a Digital FTA (BDA) and then change to a Foxtel channel everything works fine like it does the first time. But I cannot get it to properly recognise when changing from one foxtel channel to another.

If anybody has come across this and has found a solution I would be most grateful to hear it.

I have so far been using MyBlaster to change the channels on the Foxtel STB, however it only seems to change channels correctly about 75% of the time and I have missed a lot of scheduled recordings as a result. There seems to be some timing issue with it sometimes. On the flip side of things though, it works fine when changing from one Foxtel channel to another (mostly) it seems to be when MP is started for a scheduled recording that MyBlaster fails most often.

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