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May 17, 2013
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Hi i use Nova-s-usb2
Mediaportal 1.3
win 8x64

I have problem setting up remote control

Installed driver for card and ir from hauppauge after installing ir driver MP control says Status no problem found
in section remote hauppauge, use hauppauge remote is marked
everything seems set up correctly

the remote is 45 button and it is working in WMC and WinTv

after closing MP control message always popup HcwHelper has stopped working the same happens when op[en and close MP

remote doesnt work in MP cant change channels or anything buttons do not work

in mp control remote hauppauge learn 45 button hauppauge remote is set

still no go tried everything i can and just cant make it work

Could please someone help me ?

thanks in advance

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