wintv_pvr_150mce and last CVS 01-31-2006--19-18 or later (1 Viewer)


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January 31, 2006
Hannover; Germany
Hello together,

MP is a verry hard job, not only for developers.

On first step i had an software capture Card without hardware decoder.
I leared, that this card ist not running unter the newest CVS.
Now I' ve an hardware decoder card, and the setup of MP find the card.

OK! But yust now, I had another problem with my TV capture card. Unter MP0.2RC2 final it runs very well, but unter the mediaportal-cvs-01-31-2006--19-18 its don't work. The setup of TV-Card (channel-setup- autotune)must be reconfigured, but the reconfiguration ends with an error an the setup close. In MP the TV-Screen hangs up and the aplication stops with "no Answer" in taskmanager.

I need the mediaportal-cvs-01-31-2006--19-18 for plugin "Fritz.Box-Call Monitor". I use the newest drivers from Hauppauge homepage for MCE.

Under the card is ready for MP.

So whats going worng?

Can anybody wrote an step by step manual?

Thanks in forward


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