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    I got some problems with the cover arts in the music section. I tagged all my files, used last.fm (scrobbler) for grabbing album and artist thumbs and I'm also using Fanart Handler. Many mp3's do have a cover embedded (id3 tag).

    The following is wrong:
    With a completely clean music-db (also thumbs in the mp-folders) mp shows a whole folder of mp3s with one same cover (I attached an image of this behaviour.

    The fanarts (backdrops) will be downloaded and displayed correctly by fanart handler.

    All together the screen looks like this:

    Playing: 50 Cent - .....
    Backdrop: Artist Image of 50 Cent.
    Cover Art: TLC - No Scrubs

    What's wrong with that?

    And another cover-art related question:

    How can I disable the artist-coverart-backdrop when I'm playing an album with an embedded Cover-Art? All my albums have an coverart embedded by myself.


    PS: Sorry for the poor english - I'm in a hurry ;)

    Thanks in advance.

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