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November 8, 2008
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Hi there!

I'm using mediaportal in combination with a fileserver where all my mp3s are stored. Albums are stored in folders like "Queen - Innuendo" with full ID3 tags and matching coverart in folder.jpg. This works very well with Mediaportal.

For songs that I don't have the full album I use a folder called _Singles where all these files reside, also fully tagged.

Now I have a strange phenomenon. When I navigate through my list, MediaPortal tries to fetch album pictures from somewhere on the web (don't know where, last.fm?). When a combination of album/artist is not found, it always uses the picture for Journey's Greatest Hits (which I do not have on my harddrive afaik). This is very annoying.

I even disabled album picture lookup in the configuration, cleared out the thumbs folders, reorganized my database and still got the Journey coverart. Anyone know, how to fix this?

Nevermind, fixed it.

I tried to copy a dummy folder.jpg into my singles folder and Windows asked, if I wanted to replace the existing file - existing?... I switched on the folder options for hidden and system files and discovered a hidden folder.jpg in this folder. Deleted it, deleted the thumbcache, problem fixed. Sorry.

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