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  • September 23, 2008
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    Kindly asking if
    This site could be in Onlinevideos. It seems that it is international format somehow
    as there are for example

    http://www.foxplay.com/ar/ == Spain
    http://www.foxplay.com/fi/->redirects to www.foxplay.fi as well as www.foxplay.com without
    url path

    http://www.foxplay.com/uk/ -> coming soon

    Anyway Fox channel is part of FOX International Channels

    There is a list of countries available

    I was wondering that if this going to be implemented, it would be neat to make it work
    everywhere at once, as site looks the same, but whats under hood is not clear to me.

    Another thing is that because www.foxplay.com is automatically redirected to correct country, can dev
    implement sites in corrent manner, if there are dirrerences between countries.

    www.foxplay.com/fi seems to go finnish site(here in finland), but dunno if does so in other parts of the world.
    Hola extension(vpn so switch country of origin) in firefox and chrome could be helpful to sniff
    different country variations.

    I used Hola extension to watch hockey WM while I was visiting in Poland :)

    Humble thanks in advance.


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