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  • October 3, 2005
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    Vimes said:
    I have not done a direct comparison so I'm not sure. But are you having an issue...?

    I have just done a fresh install of the RC 1 Frodo on a clean Windows 8 x64 build and prior to me installing the following....

    Hi and thanks for the reply!

    I think its working as it should for now, but I do think there is a lot to do regarding remote handling in xbmc pvr handling.
    MP is a very good reference ;)

    I did compare keyboard.xml from http://xbmccustomregis.sourceforge.net/ and the default one and must say they are exactly the same. So do you really see any difference after running that version!?

    Next issue is teletext in xbmc, that is not close to MP functionality and easy of use.
    Latest version from today loads in 5-6 seconds,bloody fantastic imo.
    P.D, what version do you refer to?



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  • January 19, 2009
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    MP is an excellent example of an integrated Media / TV / PVR application and very little comes close to what it can offer as a complete package. For me though the TV and PVR expectations are very very low as the majority of our viewing experience comes from other media material. So with that in mind XBMC seems to tick those boxes and do a good job at doing so.

    Yesterday I rebuilt my HTPC (OS wise). I installed a clean copy of Windows 8 x64 and then XBMC RC 1. Then I installed the DVB Viewer (paid for) and tried to see how that would work.

    I soon realised that regardless of the settings applied in XBMC the MCE remote was barely functional for an "out of the box" experience. Even though there is an addon for MCE Remote I just installed the two applications that I linked and low and behold The Green Button functioned and, it seems, most of the functionality that I need from the remote is there and working.

    Remember when you install the first application....

    there is more installed than just akeyboard file.

    The GSB aspect, for example, is the Green Start Button part of the installation.

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Windows build from the 15th.

    Still got problems with epg jumping around when you open a program info panel, the goes back to the last tuned station, which makes a real pain getting around it.

    Video playback still looks washed out compared to MP ;)


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  • February 2, 2005
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    Well i have found one area where XBMC 12.0 fails is on older hardware, suprised as 11.0 eden was fine.

    12.0 will not work on non SSE2 cpu's. This could just be the compiler settings used?

    A shame as MP 1.3beta runs a peach on AMD XP2000 @1.5GHz AGP4x HD4650 all the way up to 1080i60 (1080p50 struggles in MP but works fine in XBMC11.0eden)


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    February 19, 2009
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    I got to this thread from a search wondering why my XBMC couldn't play any live TV from the STB, but can play direct over the air channels no problem.
    The answer to that question for me, in case anyone else has a similar issue, was to just map D: on the XBMC to D$ on the MEPO as that's where the buffer and recording folders are anyhow.
    That was way back on page 4 of this thread. Then I waded through a fairly polite flame-war on the virtues of XBMC vs MEPO. So here is my take on it. I had XBMC on my old Xbox something like 6 years ago. It was good at the time, and lead me to MEPO, which I think is better than XBMC/Plex and all the others that lack PVR functionality.
    I do agree with 'codec-hell' though. I bought a ViewSonic VOT132 for the bedroom TV, which is a generic Atom/ION lightweight machine. MEPO works well for everything as a client except HD live TV with the codec's used here in NZ. I couldn't get a smooth picture no matter what I tried. Format, Win7, XBMC, it's running. I haven't installed or configured any codecs for anything and the TV in HD is typically great.
    The XBMC also has an online plugin for ZILN, which is kinda cool. I could never get Online Videos to do it.
    I have the MCE remote. It sucks on XBMC.
    The CPU load on the little machine is far too high when there is nothing happening. It's the default skin with no active content. What could it possibly be doing?

    So, while I really appreciate all the work that the XBMC team have done, and how easy it was to make it function at a fairly low level, I'd rather have MEPO on the box. Then all the devices would have the same interface which would help my general popularity around the house. Compatibility with small, low noise, fairly cheap client devices is what I'm looking for right now. I want to move the capture PC out of the living spaces, so XBMC may well find another spot in the house and I'll have no MEPO clients at all if I can't find a machine that is small,quiet, and capable of running HD TV without the codec hell.


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  • December 8, 2005
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    I tried XBMC 12 last night and used MePo TV Server ans backend for live TV.
    The modifications to TV server was just add a plugin and configure it, in XBMC just enable a plugin and point it to TV server, easy :)
    It works okay but changing channel is really slow compared to MePo and picture was not looking as good as when running MePo (Cyberlink PDVD10 on that machine) but IT WORKS.
    Maybe in the future XBMC CAN be a MePo alternative , but my feel is that MePo right now are way ahead in the TV department, atleast when running MePo TV Server as a backend.


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    March 7, 2010
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    Just tried the latest XBMC, the biggest complaint I have is the picture quality.
    However it is much faster and have better support to streaming videos, great remote for iphone and even AirPlay.


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  • April 21, 2010
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    However it is much faster
    Therefore MP2 is in developement which is already pretty stable for me. Surely there are a lot of features missing tho (alpha state).


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    March 7, 2010
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    However it is much faster
    Therefore MP2 is in developement which is already pretty stable for me. Surely there are a lot of features missing tho (alpha state).
    I have to revert what I said before.
    After some more tests, I decided to delete XBMC due to laggy playback - all movies lost frames every 10-20 seconds. I have tried all video and audio settings with no help. MP and MPC-HC with LAV gives smoothest playback (with auto refresh rate change) and far better picture quality with my ATI graphics.
    Really looking forward to MP2:)

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