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September 9, 2012
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Since the latest release of XBMC I have been having difficulty getting Moving Pictures to use the new naming format that XBMC stores it's cover pictures with ([filmfilename]-cover.jpg).

Within Importer Settings in the Artwork section I have tried to use %title%-poster.jpg but the title does not always 100% match the filename leaving me with some manual tweaking to do. I could not find any other variable that would work for me :(

What I did discover was the source for the XBMC scraper here. I took the entire code and made one tiny change on line 124:

I loaded it up via the 'Add a new data source' function and found a massive improvement in the success rate I was having.

The reason for writing this is to pass on this information to others that may have been having the same issue as me and to ask if there any variables I should have used within the Importer Settings/Artwork section that would have allowed me to match %filmfilename%-poster.jpg without having to go digging in the scraper xml files?

Many Thanks!

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