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June 5, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding MP2 that i'm hoping someone can answer. I'm moving over from an XBMC world specifically looking for a htpc that can handle multiple streams... with a twist =)

I like to play on my 360... ALOT. But I also want to be able to watch movies while playing. I would like to be able to have an HTPC switch out my PIP between my movie i'm watching and my xbox 360. The reason why I thought an htpc would be better is because based on the skin, i think i can resize/position the window to my personal preference, instead of some size and corner.

I currently have an AverMedia capture card, and i spent some time playing with some dx based stuff ( the lag is very acceptable in my opinion. Could I do something like this with MP2? It's not really LiveTV (since i don't care about epg and stuff, nor recording. And when i tried this on mp1.x it asks for tuner information and stuff which i get lost in). Also, would me swapping the pip between my capture card and my movie also swap the audio correctly? Do i still need the mp2 server? I don't necessarily want a software service that encodes the device capture into a playable format? I'm looking for < 1sec response times here for my 360, and some of the capture/broadcast to rtmp/rtsp stuff looks like it's 4+ seconds... Not sure if I'm asking the right question...

Could someone help educate me?



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