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July 21, 2008
New Zealand New Zealand
In MP 1.2.3 I was grabbing epg data using EPG Grabber and importing TVGuide.xml via XmlTV plugin. When first set up times were incorrect so checke "apply time zone compensation" ("13" Hours - New Zealand).
With MP 1.3.0 my data was now 13 hours out. EPG grabber does have the correct format ie time with "+1300" in the appropriate spot. So I assumed that this is now "working" in the latest version of MP as nothing had changed. I this removed the check box in the XmlTV plugin server setup. Nothing happened and I went around in circles for a week.

Eventually I rechecked the box and changed the numbers for the compensation to "0" and this then fixed the times in EPG

I assume this is a bug and the previous data is not overwritten when removing the check?

No logs as not sure where XmlTV setup and usage log is found

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