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July 18, 2008
Lauffen a. N.
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My Xmltv-Enhancer is a program to automatically preprocess and enhance xmltv files with additional information for TV-Series using the TheTvDB data.
You can add season numbering, description and a preview icon to the xmltv file.

It also can start your favorite xmltvgrabber via the included cron scheduler.

The program can run in console mode, just start it.
You can also install the enhancer as a windows service.
Open a cmd as admin -> "xmltenhancer install/uninstall" then "xmltvenhancer start" (just needed once)
You can control and configure the enhancer via a web-interface. Just call http://localhost:8123 to bring up the (very simple and ugly) web-interface.
If you want to access the web-interface from also from other computers, you must add an exception for port 8123 in your firewall.

At the moment the enhancer matches the series via a simple string.contains() case insensitive.
If you add a series with tvdbid 0, the enhancer will search for a match on TheTvDB.
For example: If you add "Star Trek" with ID "0" it will try to enhance all titles which contains "Start Trek"

Has also a "climode". You have to configure the program via the webinterface. Or manualy edit the config XML (%ProgramData%\xmltvenhancer\)

Usage for climode: xmltvenhancer climode c:\input\file.xml c:\output\file.xml
Install service: xmltvenhancer install
Uninstall service: xmltvenhancer uninstall
Start/Stop service: xmltvenhancer start/stop
If the programm is not installed as service you can start it like normal

I will setup a git-repo in near future.
The program is considered as an early beta.


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  • January 3, 2008
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    Yeah, users need it.
    It is the second tool with such feature and both are command-line not plugin. :( First is episodescanner.

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