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March 26, 2007
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It might be just me, but...

I rebuilt my tv server earlier in the week, and installed the latest xmltv. It all worked perfectly, but this morning, the tvguide.xml had no program listings in it, just the channels i.e it didn't have any of these entries in it

<programme start="20100802233000 +0100" stop="20100803003000 +0100" channel="bbcfour.bbc.co.uk">
<title>Britain's Park Story</title>
<desc lang="en">Dan Cruickshank strolls on manicured lawns, admiring the flowerbeds and gaudy bandstands, as he eulogises about public parks. Cruickshank is as animated when discussing the decline of pleasure gardens as when recalling his own childhood spent hiding in the bushes of his local park, and his enthusiasm helps lift what could have been a dry social history lecture on the changing face of parks across the centuries. Whether trotting on horseback along Hyde Park's Rotten Row, listening to a scratchy old gramophone in Lincoln's Arboretum bandstand, or talking to Bernard Cribbins about fishing in Oldham's duck ponds, Cruickshank is clearly enjoying himself. Even the local historian who disagrees with one of his pet theories can't break his stride, and he's particularly delighted to learn how the phrase "Cloches against Hitler" came into use. Radio Times reviewer - David Crawford</desc>
<director>Martina Hall</director>
<category lang="en">Documentary</category>
<previously-shown />
<star-rating system="Radio Times Recommendation">

It just has the channel listing which is always at the top of the file.

as xmltv is "portable", I tried copying the folder to another PC and got the same result, I then copied the folder to another computer on another network )different ISP, different firewall make) retried it and got the same result...

Could the Radio Times xml feed be broken ?


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August 4, 2010
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Im having the same problem - with the latest 0.5.57 tv_grab_uk_rt

can download french tv guides (tv_grab_fr)
but UK is empty and seems like the source on RT is also empty, eg:
http://xmltv.radiotimes.com/xmltv/94.dat (should be BBC ONE) returns only:

"In accessing this XML feed, you agree that you will only access its contents for your own personal and non-commercial use and not for any commercial or other purposes, including advertising or selling any goods or services, including any third-party software applications available to the general public."

Any ideas?

Guess the RT feeds are broken ;-(


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