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January 2, 2013
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Ok, first my configuration...

Computer: HP Microserver N40L
AMD Turion™ II Model Neo N40L
GPU: Zotac Nvidia GT520
OS: Windows 7 Pro
Conected with HDMI

AVR: Denon 1912

Connected with HDMI to:
TV: Samsung UN46C8000 series

MTPC Nvidia GT520 - HDMI to Denon 1912 - HDMI to TV

I am ripping my own bluray movies with:
Video: H.265 mp4

My problem is as follows:

I cannot seem to figure out why windows 7, its mediaplayer or any other mediaplayer like VLC and also mediaportal won't play 5.1 surrround sound. I can only get my center,left,right speaker and sub to work. Not sure what is goin on?

Things I have installed: Mediaportal 1.2.3, LAV codecs, Nvidia drivers.

I have followed many tutorials in these threads about not getting surround sound to no avail.

Windows is set up for 5.1 in the sound options each speaker test out to be correct.
My Denon amp with Nividia shows up as well in windows and in mediaportals audio render option.

I am not sure what am i missing here to get windows to play surround sound?

Thanks for any help.
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December 3, 2006
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The problem will be with your TV as it probably won't have a dobly digital decoder.
I have 2 Samsungs TV's and have the same problem if i connect to my tv and then back to my amp, It's only my left, right and sub speaker working.
If i connect a fibre optic cable from my PC straight to my amp I get 5.1 Dolby Digital sound and every thing works correctly with LAV filters or any filters as long as AC3 and 5.1 are all by passed straight to the amp.

I think (hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong) the TV will have 5.1 digital output but only 2.1 digital input, hence why you can only get 2.1 output when connected via the TV.

Unless your TV has a setting to by pass the sound without having to decode it.

Hope that makes sense and helps you :)


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January 2, 2013
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Thanks rick76 for the reply, but i figured out my problem........ it was a firmware update to my Denon amp that fixed the problem! Feeling like a noob here lol but thats ok ahahah

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