Zoom : adding 'no aspect ratio change' in general settings (1 Viewer)

Would you like to be able to set up the zoom modes you want to use ?

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  • September 22, 2006
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    I like the idea of selectable zoom modes. In setup you could select which zoom modes to use. As a good video codec can figure aspect ratio for itself, I only need 3 zoom modes which are Normal, Zoom 14:9 and Zoom(16:9). If zoom modes were made selectable, there would be one feature to make it even better:

    When viewing video or TV, using up/down keys on remote/keyboard could shift the picture up and down, so that you could adjust subtitles just to show. This would be great for Zoom 16:9 mode when subtitles show little below the picture.

    Shifting could also compress the picture, like for every 5% cropped from top it would alter aspect ratio so that picture was also little flatter, additional for 5% or so. This would be easy to implement. A harder but little more sophisticated way would be the smartzoom but only to compress the bottom part where subtitles are shown. At least Philips TV:s are using this and it's actually a working solution.

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