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April 26, 2012
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thank you for the quick answer.

Yes i have tried all 4 usb ports.

Here's my config :
- i've plug the external IR controler into one of the 2 usb2 port (from what i gathered on the Internet, i understand that only USB2 ports work for the Wake request)
- i"ve got my internal IR controler disabled
- i disabled power charge on the 2 usb2 port

I'm also not sure if there is a difference between a wake request and power on? : What i'm really trying to do is to power on the zbox with the external IR, while it is completely shut down.
But maybe it is only possible to wake it while on S3 stage?


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  • September 12, 2011
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    Sorry, i missed this.
    Wake from S3 only, yes.
    And motherboard bios does not support WOL.
    So it's wake from S3 or nothing.


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    October 4, 2011
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    Any movement on getting the included remote for the ZBox Nano AD10 working properly? I have not tried the dongle IR Receiver, yet, because I shouldn't have to! I would rather get the remote working via the internal IR Receiver. As reported by @foxbenw, only a few select remote buttons are working.

    . . . would love to know a solution!


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  • September 12, 2011
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    In the thread above you will see that I got the remote control working thanks to chefkoch pointing out a new plugin for IRSS (Infrared Server Suite) called 'Philips MCE USB IR Receiver - Spinel Plus'. I haven't tried everything yet but when I installed IRSS and enabled that plugin it seemed to allow most (if not all) of the buttons to work straight away. Play/pause etc all worked, and so did back, ok and the direction buttons. So it's definitely now usable at a minimum.


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    December 27, 2008
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    Hey all, can't believe I mised this thread. I'm having pretty bad remote problems - even with my Harmony 700 too... I've tried to just set it to an MCE remote in MP, then in the harmony software I use "windows media center." On my old computer that worked fine, but unfortunately on the AD10 it doesn't work at all. The Zotac remote, as you all know, only has a few working buttons.

    I've just installed IRSS and set it to "receive" signal from the Philips MCE USB IR Receiver - Spinel Plus. We'll see how this works...


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    March 20, 2007
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    Hi !

    I have just managed to figure out how to get AD10 remote to work.
    It was pretty simple.

    Install IRSS, set up green button as described in the Wiki.
    Replace the text in the "Philips.xm" located in "X: \ ProgramData \ IR Server Suite \ IR Server \ Abstract Remote Maps \ Philips MCE USB IR Receiver-Spinel plus"
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B2" AbstractButton="Record" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B0" AbstractButton="Play" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B4" AbstractButton="Rewind" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B1" AbstractButton="Pause" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B3" AbstractButton="FastForward" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B5" AbstractButton="NextChapter" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B7" AbstractButton="Stop" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B6" AbstractButton="PreviousChapter" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000E9" AbstractButton="VolumeUp" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000EA" AbstractButton="VolumeDown" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0200009C" AbstractButton="ChannelUp" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0200009D" AbstractButton="ChannelDown" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300000D" AbstractButton="Start" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="02000224" AbstractButton="Back" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000E2" AbstractButton="Mute" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005B" AbstractButton="Red" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005C" AbstractButton="Green" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005D" AbstractButton="Yellow" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005E" AbstractButton="Blue" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005A" AbstractButton="Guide" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="02000209" AbstractButton="Info" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0200008D" AbstractButton="Teletext" />

    Or make a new "Phillips.xml" and backup and rename the original.
    Now, all buttons function as intended.

    And a big thanks to belcom who wrote "Philips MCE USB IR Receiver-Spinel plus" and updated IRSS.

    / Mats


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    If anyone who owns a Zotac box would like to contribute to the MP Wiki please look here


    You can log in using your MP forum login details

    Click add new page, then enter the title as Zotac... then add information to the page.

    Here is an example page I just completed

    You will find the text editor is quite similar to the forum text editor, if you want you can skip formatting it then send me a PM after you've added all the details and then I can tidy up the page.


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