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  • April 11, 2005
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    For me the Version 1.5 from IRSS works with my remote (ZBOX AD 06), just remember to run IRSS as an aplication (a Service will not work)


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    October 4, 2011
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    Hi !

    I have just managed to figure out how to get AD10 remote to work.
    It was pretty simple.

    Install IRSS, set up green button as described in the Wiki.
    Replace the text in the "Philips.xm" located in "X: \ ProgramData \ IR Server Suite \ IR Server \ Abstract Remote Maps \ Philips MCE USB IR Receiver-Spinel plus"
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B2" AbstractButton="Record" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B0" AbstractButton="Play" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B4" AbstractButton="Rewind" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B1" AbstractButton="Pause" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B3" AbstractButton="FastForward" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B5" AbstractButton="NextChapter" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B7" AbstractButton="Stop" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000B6" AbstractButton="PreviousChapter" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000E9" AbstractButton="VolumeUp" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000EA" AbstractButton="VolumeDown" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0200009C" AbstractButton="ChannelUp" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0200009D" AbstractButton="ChannelDown" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300000D" AbstractButton="Start" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="02000224" AbstractButton="Back" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="020000E2" AbstractButton="Mute" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005B" AbstractButton="Red" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005C" AbstractButton="Green" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005D" AbstractButton="Yellow" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005E" AbstractButton="Blue" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0300005A" AbstractButton="Guide" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="02000209" AbstractButton="Info" />
    <RemoteTable RawCode="0200008D" AbstractButton="Teletext" />

    Or make a new "Phillips.xml" and backup and rename the original.
    Now, all buttons function as intended.

    And a big thanks to belcom who wrote "Philips MCE USB IR Receiver-Spinel plus" and updated IRSS.

    / Mats

    This is great stuff. One thing - I believe you have the Teletext and the Info buttons backwards.

    To clarify, I'm using the built-in receiver for the AD10 - not the USB one. I think that foxbenw said that he was able to get his remote to work by simply installing IRSS and enabling the Philips plugin. This was not the case for me. I wonder if that's because he's using the USB receiver.

    Tell me - how did you determine the "RawCode"s for each button?

    Also - My Green "Start" button on my remote still doesn't bring up MediaPortal. I have verified that "Enable policy to prevent services startup" has been set under "Additional 3rd party checks", and also that MPTray is autostarted. Any ideas?


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  • June 11, 2007
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    I put some initial stuff on my ZBOX AD 06 into it - more may come as I have time.

    Hey mbuzina, I'm thinking of getting the AD06 for a MP client. Just curious about the machine.. I presume it just needs some memory and a SSD and then its just a case of sticking Windows 7 on it? Do you know if it is powerful enough to decode 1080i HDTV streams with LAV codecs? Also I'm curious why people are having a hard time with the IR.. if its got an MCE compatible IR reciever shouldn't that work straight out of the box with Mepo??



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  • April 11, 2005
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    Hi @TheBatfink - it works for me, if you can live with the one off dropped Frame on 1080i (not using much HD at the moment, I have no HDTV TV Input). I have win 8 on it. The IR is not a normal MCE, it is a philips spinnel one, for which there is a beta Version of the IRSS.

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