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April 22, 2013
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I own Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX Wifi of which i built a home server using WHS back in 2010. Recently the I/O panel is not providing signal or power to the monitor, mouse, keyboard or recieving signal from the ethernet connection.

Now this happened after disconnecting the 24 pin power connector from the board in order to add a extension to that connector. the reason i am adding an extension is becuase the space is so tight that sometimes wires from the power unit sometimes hit the blades of the cpu fan. so i figured i would add an extension to the power cable and reroute the this cable to avoid this conflict.

after i added the extension and re routed the power cable i connected the extension 24 pin back in to the board. i this point i reconnected everything else and powered up the unit. i noticed that the monitor was showing ``no signal``.

Ok, i switched monitors, and still nothing. i hear the hard drives are running as if the program is starting up....the fans are working accordingly, i that point i had not checked if there was any signal going to the mouse or keyboard. aftrer a few minutes i did a hard shut down and proceeded to restart the cpu...same thing.

at this point i figured something must be wrong with the new 24 pin extension cable....so i proceeded to disconnect the extension and reconnect the orginal way...power up and nothing on the screen again...but again HDDs running...fans working ....this time i noticed that mouse had no power....the keyboard is not working and the indicator lights on the ethernet are not blinking....so i am assuming the I/O part of the board in not functioningo or providing what it should????

can some please help resolve this issue.

this was my first build form scratch so i still consider myself a novice.


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