1. D

    Finally ready to give up on Windows MCE, need advice

    Hello to all, please forgive if I am bringing up a topic that has been addressed already, I haven't been able to find my answer so I am going to ask... Background: Windows Media Center Enthusiast since day one!! Current Setup: HTPC Win7 64 w/ Ceton six tuner PCIe card. Two Ceton Echo's, WHS...
  2. Suli

    MP2 Channel Numbers and Logos Not Displaying

    After come rough starts with MP2 (trying to migrate from WMC), I think I finally made some progress... 1. Got the Setup & Service talking to the Ceton 4-tuner card (by adding the firewall rules for tvseup and service) 2. Got my Ceton 4-Tuner card scanning (thanks to the post about increasing...
  3. G

    Media Portal 2, Windows 7, and Ceton 5 USB

    Hello again! After my unsuccessful attempts to set up my Ceton Infinitv 4 USB tuner under Windows 10, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and downgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. The drivers for Windows 7 appeared to install without any difficulty, and I was able to pair and activate the...
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