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    Help! MP2 - DVB-T Not recognised (DRIVERS?)

    Hello! I'm new to all this, and new to the forum. I have bought a DVB-T tuner, and I can't seem to get it working with MediaPortal - It's probably a quick fix, probably driver related but I can't seem to find a help guide on the internet (after a couple of days of searching). So - I have also...
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    TV configuration doesn't discover channels

    I have installed in my Windows 10 Pro build 1709 MediaPortal 1. Following the installation guide, I installed the server/client version and after completion I run the TV configuration tool where the it discovers my DVB-T card (Realtek DVT Filter) in USB. Then i try to scan for channels but I get...
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    EPG for DVB-T not working

    Hi, I have just started using MP but I am having problems setting up EPG for DVB-T correctly using TV-server. I have followed all instructions but the TV guide in MP only shows "No program data" for all channels. I have also tried restarting the PC as someone suggested in another thread with no...
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    Sydney Australia, empty guide

    Hi people, I'm in Sydney, where I have just installed MP2 on a windows 10 machine. Having used MP1 for several years. I'm very impressed with all the improvements and how slick installation and setup is. BUT I can't get my Guide to populate no matter what I try. Everything else is perfect. To...
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