dvb t2

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    Card recommendation

    Looking for recommendations for Dual DVB-S2 and Dual DVB-T2 PCIE tuner cards? I am based in Ireland. Looking mainly at TBS cards. Are the older cards compatible like the 6981, 6982 and 6281? Do they have issues with drivers or using both tuners? I can pick up the 6981,6982 and 6281 cheap on...
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    1.25.0 Tv Server Configuration Italian Dvb-t2 test channel preview error

    Hi, I have a problem whit new Italian dvb-t2 test channel named "Test Hevc main 10". If i start the channel preview, an error "NoVideoAudioDetected" appears. In the log file I read the following error: WaitForFile - no audio was found after 15,0036264 seconds Is this because the channel...
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