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    IPTV from https m3u8 urls - Help

    Hello MP Gurus out there. Not sure if this is a bug or my lack of understanding of Media portal. I'm trying to add https m3u8 source channels as IPTV channels in MP2 TV server. I manually created dvbIP channels but I have no idea what to add in the fields for Network ID, PMT PID & Stream ID...
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    "Unable to start graph" error during DVB-IP "Scan for Channels" operation

    Hello, I am using MediaPortal Server on Window 7 Ultimate 32 bits. I plan to use the DVB-IP for IPTV. I installed all encoders accordingly to WiKi pages. Once I am trying "Scan for Channels" operation, I am getting the "Unable to start graph" error. I tried different solutions mentioned...
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