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  1. R

    How to launch Stereoscopic Player for 3D MKV

    I have Stereoscopic player all dialed in with command line switches to play 3D content perfectly. Is there a way to tell MP to use external player just for 3D but internal player otherwise? Possible options as I see them are: * Set MP to use external player by filename filter (i.e. all movies...
  2. A

    Closing PowerDVD15 after finished playing disk

    I am trying to configure Mediaportal to use PowerDVD15 as an external player for blu-ray disks. So far I have: Enabled external player support for blu-ray disks and provided a path to PowerDVD Remapped the keys on the remote to those used by PowerDVD since I cannot change hotkeys in PowerDVD...
  3. fLaSkin

    [solved] Passing ISO (-Path) to external Player without mounting it?

    Hi all, some time is gone since I've watched a 3D BluRay. Yesterday I decided to "do it again". I've installed PowerDVD 15 Ultra on my rig and setup the usual external player and Virtual Drive (native [Win10]) Parts in MePo. After struggling a bit with problems I could fix (more or less) with...
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