1. I

    MP Client video streaming hangs for ~10s every 15 min, if MP Server is shortly going into suspend

    Overview: My MP Server is configured in the PowerScheduler to go into suspend after 15min idle time. My MP Client which is another PC is also configured in Windwos to go into suspend after 15 min. If the MP Client goes to suspend the MP Server goes also into suspend if no TV record is currently...
  2. Hotkey

    [solved] Regular Hangs of Sound with new HTPC and A/V Receiver

    Hello Everyone, i've just replaced my old HTPC with a new Intel NUC 5i5RYH (see system specs in my profile both for old and new system) and also my old A/V Receiver (Panasonic, connected via optical cable for sound and via HDMI to the TV) with a new Onkyo TX-NR737 (B), connected solely via...
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