1. Micropolis

    For sale - Origen AE HTPC Case with touch screen incl. mainboard, blu-ray disc drive and other components

    After many years as a MediaPortal supporter and plugin developer I will now have to say goodbye to my beloved HTPC for personal reasons. Accordingly, I am now offering this exclusively here to the community and would be happy if both professionals or newcomers would be interested in it. Some...
  2. J

    Clock speed vs multi-core CPU's Can MediaPortal benefit from multi core cpu's?

    CPU clock speed versus core in new Server build My venerable (in computer terms) i5-2500 MediaPortal server has run 24/7 for many years now, its still running OK but I want to upgrade it before it auto-retires :eek:. The last BIOS update for the MB from Asus was in 2012 and I have just got...
  3. purehavuk

    Created an HTPC dedicated website, need your help with MediaPortal [CONTEST]

    Hello MediaPortal users, I have started a website dedicated to HTPC hardware, software, gaming, and more. At the moment it is officially up and running. The reason I am here, is because it has been a very long time since I used MediaPortal and I want my visitors to have all available options...
  4. G

    Inquiry re Ceton Infinitv 4 USB, MP, and Windows 10

    Hello! I'm contemplating getting a Ceton Infinitv 4 USB tuner to use with my desktop PC. As my system specs indicate, I'm running Windows 10 Professional, with all the current updates installed. What makes me wonder about whether I should go through with the purchase, however, is the...
  5. zerozer00

    Hilfe ich werde zu Alt für so etwas!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hallo alle miteinander, ich bin seit einiger Zeit schon am überlegen mir einen HTPC zusammenzustellen habe auch bereits etliche Foren durchforstet. Doch bin ich nie auf meine Wunschkonfiguration gestoßen bzw. war es mir nicht möglich zu verstehen ob die vorgestellte Konfiguration meine Wünsche...
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