intel nuc

  1. A

    AAC 2.0 going out of sync

    Have an issue with several AAC 2.0 files going out of sync Video plays fine, audio gets delayed. that is video is ahead of sound - not audio ahead of picture Using windows's own "Film &TV" plays fine Tried LAV Audio, Microsoft,Monogram all have same issue. File test with has audio Audio ID...
  2. Charlie TV

    MP 1.15 and Windows 10 - Live TV - Out of sync spiral of death

    Hi all, I have a MP server with the TV tuners (plus RAM Disk for the buffer) and one MP client. I recently rebuilt the MP client end to Windows 10 (the MP server is running Win7) everything seemed to be fine but I'm getting an issue while watching Live TV. The audio starts to go out of sync...
  3. Hotkey

    [solved] Regular Hangs of Sound with new HTPC and A/V Receiver

    Hello Everyone, i've just replaced my old HTPC with a new Intel NUC 5i5RYH (see system specs in my profile both for old and new system) and also my old A/V Receiver (Panasonic, connected via optical cable for sound and via HDMI to the TV) with a new Onkyo TX-NR737 (B), connected solely via...
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