1. A

    AAC 2.0 going out of sync

    Have an issue with several AAC 2.0 files going out of sync Video plays fine, audio gets delayed. that is video is ahead of sound - not audio ahead of picture Using windows's own "Film &TV" plays fine Tried LAV Audio, Microsoft,Monogram all have same issue. File test with has audio Audio ID...
  2. Rick164

    Audio Switcher - easily change audio device via context menu (using remote key)

    Introduction This allows you to easily change your active Windows audio (playback) device using a context menu which you can show by mapping it to a remote key, the current remote keys mappable are: Red Green Blue Yellow DVD menu Subpage Up / Down Also has a a few optional features: - Set...
  3. M

    No closed captions using LAV decoder during Blu Ray playback

    During playback of Blu Ray video and using LAV decoders, MediaPortal 2 detects the presence of closed captions but selecting "CC" from the player controls or "Subtitles" from the context menu doesn't enable closed captions to show up. I have ensured subtitles settings are correctly configured in...
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