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    Madvr with GeForce 30xx - can't play SDR content after playing HDR

    Hi I managed to get Geforce 3070 which replaced my Radeon 580. I have it connected to Samsung Q70R. With Radeon 580 I haven't had any issues with madvr in SDR or HDR (all perfect in my opinion). It looks like HDR with Geforce 3070 is hard to do due to driver issues. I get the following...
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    MePo minimises after video finishes with MadVR

    Hi all, Not sure if this is correct section to post in. Installed MePo 1.17 and also decided to give MAdVR a go. Everything works fine, but when a video stops playing - either by reaching the end or I manually stop it - Mediaportal minimises itself. The same thing also happens with live TV...
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    1.16.0, madvr and bluray 3D .iso

    Hi I have upgraded to 1.16.0 Pre Relase recently and enabled madvr hoping I could play 3D Bluray .iso without a need to use PowerDVD. Although madvr works like it should in 2D, I can't get 3D Bluray .iso to play in 3D - all of them play in 2D via Mediaportal. I have a new 0.69.0 / 0.69.0-2...
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