1. J

    Schedules Direct - XmlTV Plugin

    Here is how I setup Schedules Direct for XmlTV Plugin XMLTV mc2xml U.S. User List of sites for TV Listings and Channel Info Schedules Direct Account Schedules Direct You must create account and configure account for...
  2. jwlynn

    Installation of MC2XML.EXE

    I ran MC2XML.EXE last night and everything went OK. The problem happened when I went to find the xmltv.xml file to rename it to tvguide.xml. I cannot find the new file. I also cannot find the mc2xml.dat file so I can't even go back in and rerun it. I'm installing on a Windows 10 laptop. Any...
  3. D

    mc2xml and Episode Numbers

    (Media Portal 1.17) I've been using mc2xml to get guide data from the "new" Microsoft servers. It generally works, but will go down occasionally. Considering that Media Center has been removed from Windows 10 I've been working on a switch to SchedulesDirect. I'm still using mc2xml to pull data...
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