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    Here is how I setup Schedules Direct for XmlTV Plugin
    XMLTV mc2xml

    List of sites for TV Listings and Channel Info

    Schedules Direct Account
    Schedules Direct
    You must create account and configure account for your TV Provider.

    Download mc2xml.exe

    Save to C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\xmltv

    mc2xml.exe Configuration
    Run mc2xml.exe
    Enter account login info from Schedules Direct


    Filename mc2xml.dat saves program options and login.

    Files Required in XMLTV Folder
    C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\xmltv
    1. mc2xml.exe : Program to download from TV Guide site
    2. mc2xml.dat : data file to store setting for mc2xml.exe program
    3. tvguide.xml : data file containing TV Schedule information used in MP EPG Guide
    4. xmltv.dtd : xmltv plugin uses file for mapping column "Tuning Channel" with "Guide Channel". If file is missing from folder, Guide Channel column is blank. You won't be able to map TV channel with guide file tvguide.xml. Import will fail, 0 imported.
    5. mc2xml.bat : Batch file to download Schedules and Save in file tvguide.xml.

    Batch file to download Schedules

    Create text file and name mc2xml.bat

    Copy following into text file and Save: mc2xml.exe -o tvguide.xml

    Create shortcut on Desktop for mc2xml.bat

    Plugin Configuration
    Schedules Direct - XmlTV Plugin


    1. Click on Mappings tab
    2. Click Partial Match box
    3. Click Load/Refresh box. What should appear is Tuning Channels from initial setup, TV Channel scanning.
    4. Click Save
    5. Go down list line by line and select channels under Visible in Guide Column
    6. Click Visible in Guide Column heading to sort visible to not visible. Check box channels appear at top.
    7. In Guide Channel column, use down arrow to select match Tuning Channel to Schedule Direct guide info. Use List of sites for TV Listings an Channel Info to aid in process.
    8. Frequently click Save button. Continue matching TV Channels to Schedule Direct til all checked boxes under Visible in Guide Column are completed. Click Save button.
    9. Click General tab.
    10. Click Import. Check Import Status > Last Import run at: today and time now. Check Total programs imported: > 0. In example above 9949.
    11. Click OK
    12. Open MP > click on Guide > channel info should be there if all went well.
    13. Use Desktop shortcut you create above to update guide info or create a Windows Task to automate process.

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