media portal 1

  1. A

    Single Seat or Multi Seat?

    I wonder if someone can help me with this. I currently have a single seat set up, but want to access the live TV, guide, etc but using another computer. Everything currently works well on my HTPC in my living room, but I was thinking of accessing the information using KODI on a different...
  2. Patrick Bochart

    OSD not show and Action Menu not accessible during playback of movie

    Hello, I've a very strange problem, but before describing my problem, i'll describe my current configuration at home. I've installed several computer (different model but all are in Windows 10) in several room that are running only MediaPortal 1.15 client version. All these MediaPortal Client...
  3. bobba32

    Media Potal 1 with Kodi on FireTV - Stream problems after channel change

    Hi, I'm running the following system: Win10 PC with MediaPortal 1 latest version installed. MDAPI+ installed for CAM access. Amazon FireTV with Kodi (16.1) and Media Portal PVR addon (latest version) Generally everything works so far ok. The only problem I'm facing is: After switching the...
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